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The Lodi Gardens are inseparably linked to the lives of anyone who grew up in Central Delhi. Amongst its joggers and birdsong, one rediscovers memories of childhood morning walks. Sunny pleasant-weather days still draw us to its shaded lawns for lazy picnics. Amongst its peepal, neem and bamboo groves, parrots flitter, squirrels steal morsels and lovers play hide and seek. The tombs of Lodi Sultans look on, as the garden reinvents and recolours itself gloriously each season. LADY WELLINGDON PARK was the original name for Lodhi Gardens. This place has layers of history attached to it. Poet and Mexico's Ambassador in India, Octavio Paz captured a perfect Lodi Garden evening in verse: The black, pensive, dense domes of the mausoleums suddenly shot birds into the unanimous blue